Ricky Martin could face 50 years for having relations with his nephew

Well known Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin was actually faulted for having a relationship with his own nephew.

Martin was actually faulted for harmful way of behaving at home, as shown by the Mexican paper, El Universal. 

According to the paper, Martin's nephew was the individual who faulted him for his forceful behavior at home.

The new revelations made by El Universal comes not long after it was represented that a controlling solicitation was recorded against Martin.

The controlling solicitation was recorded by an individual who dated Martin for quite a while, as demonstrated by the Puerto Rican paper El Vocero.

The restricting solicitation moreover communicated that after Martin and the singular split up 

The singer expected to continue with the relationship and Martin went to the particular's home on a couple of occasions, El Vocero uncovered.

"The applicant fears for his prosperity," the report from El Vocero communicated, according to the Associated Press.