According to Aaron Rodgers, the Buccaneers Jumbotron showed something that probably shouldn't have been shown. 

Rodgers was seen conversing with Packers lead trainer Matt LaFleur as the Bucs endeavoured a two-point change that would have tied the game in the end seconds. 

"They showed it on the past play, as well," Rodgers said. "It was a postpone on the two plays.  

Yet, in some cases you see things in the game. Once in a while, the Jumbotron shows things they likely shouldn't show, even at home. 

The Marauders took a postponement of game punishment that pushed the transformation endeavour back to the 7-yard line.

The Bucs as a group are 23rd in hostile focuses, however, their safeguard has permitted the least focuses in the association. 

Rodgers' top-getting objective, Davante Adams, was exchanged to the Thieves in the offseason. 

As part of a four-year agreement, the American and Norwegian national ski jumping teams will share coaches, training facilities, sports science data, and efforts to attract sponsors 

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