Roy Jones Jr. he was ready to put his life on the line to bring Griner back to the United States

He was arrested in Russia four months later Former professional boxer Roy Jones Jr. he made it clear that he was ready to risk his life to help WNBA star Brittney Griner return to the United States.

Griner was arrested by Russian authorities for allegedly trying to bring hash oil into the country during an incident at Moscow airport.

"Should I take my life, risk a trip to Russia to exchange prisoners? Yes, I will," Jones Jr. said. TMZ Sport. "Because if [Brittney] was my baby, I want someone to do it for me."

Jones Jr. was born in Florida. acquired Russian citizenship in 2015 with the help of President Vladimir Putin. In addition to the former boxer, Griner will be helped back to the United States.

"I had a boyfriend, several of my friends I knew, I called him and asked him, 'Is there a way to try to speed things up?' because I have no policy, "added Jones Jr.

"I'm a sports character and they love me as a sports character. 'Is there a way we can use my influence in sports to allow Brittney to return home?" "My friend called me, called me and said, 'Yes, they said they were ready to exchange prisoners.'

"He's a journalist and he usually does most of the reporting for Mr. Putin so he can make direct contact with anyone who needs my help."

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