Rushing stats suggest with Aaron Rodger

By Sandhya

October 6.2022

There are a lot of issues with the Green Bay Packers offense so far in 2022 that is not Aaron Rodgers' defect.

His profane line is poor given the battles of Elton Jenkins and it will take time to improve chemistry with the recent receivers.

There is one problem to keep an eye on with the quarterback: his mobility.

Rodgers' legs have always been a weapon, and Rodgers has always been an above-average quarterback in terms of purified athleticism. 

He was adept at getting infrequent first downs with his legs, and he was always able to get out of the pocket and make great plays when needed.

However, recently, there are some worrying signs.

First, Rodgers is worse under pressure than he's ever been. 

Even though his line was suspect while Elton Jenkins and David Bakhtiari were recovering, he also couldn't get away and work for the big play. 

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