Sarah Shahi, Noah see Social Issues in 'Black Adam'

By divya

october 22,2022


Black Adam, which hits theatres on Friday, reminded its stars Sarah Shahi, 

And Noah Centineo of significant global social issues.

The 42-year-old actor Shahi portrays Adrianna, a liberation fighter  ,

the mythical nation of Kahndaq who awakens Black Adam.

Abbas and Mahmonir, Shahi's parents, emigrated from Iran to Texas in 1979,  

where Sarah was born in 1980. . Shahi said,  

I wouldn't be talking to you if it weren't for the fortitude that my mother displayed over 40 years ago."

Atom Smasher, played by 26-year-old Centineo, has the ability to expand to huge sizes.

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