Shakira and Pique begin a new battle after their separation

Pique and Shakira recently ended their 12-year relationship, and it might have been expected that being unmarried would have made their parting moderately direct, but it hasn't happened like that.

The pair realized they were going towards a separation for quite a while, however it wasn't made authority until early June. 

Then, a ton of inquiries emerged, and quite possibly of the most squeezing encompass the two kids - Milan and Sasha.

Arouse needs legitimate authority of the two, and he has ventured out towards getting it.

Shakira expects to move the youngsters to Miami with her, as she comes up short on friend network in Barcelona and doesn't have any desire to remain there.  

In any case, Pique believes the children should remain in Catalonia, where they have spent their lives to date.

Confronting a fight in court that is not liable to be pretty, the previous couple have lawyered up.  

Provoke has designated Tamborero Abogados, who spends significant time in divorces, while the vocalist has gone for Pilar Mane, a family legal counselor.