1. The Marcus Sakey novel's Absolutely important Pictures acclimatisation.

Brilliance, will mark Sharmeen Obaid-narrative Chinoy's functionality debut appearance. 

 She has won two Oscars and four Emmys for her work. 

 I, Robot, I Am Legend, & Hancock co-directors Will Smith and Akiva Goldsman's passion project is Pic.

Although insiders claim Smith has not yet been confirmed to act in the picture.

It is still hoped that it will be his star vehicle 

The screenplay was written by Goldsman.

 An Oscar-winning documentary features Saving Face and A Girl in the River.

The Value of Reconciliation, and perhaps most notably.

 Ms. Marvel are among Obaid-most Chinoy's known works. 

 Through his business Westbrook Studios, Smith is collaborating with Ryan Shimazaki as well as Jon Mone to produce. 

 Weed Road Productions is developing with Goldsman as well as Greg Lessans.

Morris said she didn't feel comfortable attending the CMA Awards.