She calls Meghan Markle "diva." "Don't be a stranger." 

Mariah Carey called the Duchess of Sussex out for having "diva moments" in Tuesday's episode of her 

"Archetypes" podcast, Meghan Markle and her listeners "started to sweat.

said that she did not "identify to" the "diva... character" personally. Carey, 53, interrupted Markle, 41, when she

Meghan, you sometimes give us diva moments," the singer stated. Don't pretend that you don't.

What type of diva moments did I give you, the "Suits" alum inquired, looking agitated.

Carey later explained that she was referring to Markle's "visual'' rather than her personality, claiming.

that she was merely "playing" with the former actress and that she "didn't mean" anything by the remark.

She must have seen my trembling laughter because she intervened 

right away to make sure I understood that when she called me a diva.

She meant the way I carry myself, the way I stand, and the clothes I wear.