She felt betrayed after Simu Liu joked about her Fresh Off  Boat tweets. 

Constance Wu has focused on the torment of being shunned by the Asian people group following her dubious 2019 tAt Character Media's yearly Extraordinary Occasion 

At that time, there was such a lot of debate around me that I resembled in the event that I go, individuals are about to need to discuss the tweets. 

What's more, similar to, I love my children on the show to such an extent. I maintain that this should be a second for them to observe." 

They guaranteed me. They said, 'No, no, no, no. We love Constance. It'll just be warm energy and uplifting tones towards her. 

So I was like, 'OK, OK, I'll go,' and they sat me, as, in the first column and, as, had this large number of cameras on me and in no less than ten minutes, the host of the show tried me. 

"Now, she's at the Red Table for a profound discussion about the unwavering reaction from 'thoughtless tweets' that almost cost her profession… and her life. 

Constance uncovers frightening stories from being sexual badgering by her chief, a years-long alienation from her mom,