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 without dread or lament — glancing back at the past with a grin and embracing the future with energized anticipation.

 Cheryl Burke is venturing into another period of life. The Hitting the dance floor with the Stars expert, 38, as of late parted from her better half Matthew Lawrence. 

Presently, she is figuring out how to feel great in her own organization subsequent to "lamenting" the finish of her marriage.

"It's simply me and my Frenchie," she tells Hurray Life. "I've been level-headed now for a long time, and with that comes self-reflecting.

 I'm similar to a wipe and I'm simply figuring out how to cherish myself and truly figuring out how to be separated from everyone else rather than forlorn.

 I believe I really must lay out that relationship with myself so I don't forge ahead with that equivalent example of men and connections."

 "I believe it's vital to simply slowly inhale and be thoughtful to yourself since this is difficult."