Sheree Zampino talks about parenting their kids alongside Will and Jada 

Before 2022, Will Smith was famous. After hitting Chris Rock on TV, Oscar's reputation for winning changed.

Sheree Zampino talks about co-parenting amid the smack scandal.Sheree Zampino joined RHOBH.They have a son named Trey 

She was on Behind the Velvet Rope to talk Housewives, and Will and Jada Pinkett Smith came up.

She explained their long relationship:Will babysits till Jada arrives.How can we honour and prioritise them?Positive relationships with me and Jada.

Finally! I'm thankful. I'm pleased we all agreed.Sheree Zampino is co-parents with Will and Jada Smith.This issue affects many ex-spouses with children.

We're like many celebs.Ex-couple become co-parenting role models by leading with love 

Sheree Zampino's words reveal Will Smith and her relationship.