Sheriff Shaquille O'Neal’s Suggestion To Make Schools Safer

Shaquille O'Neal, a three-time champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, offers his advice for reducing gun violence. 

The 325-pound powerhouse, who stood 7'1", was unmatched in strength. Possibly the most dominant center 

There were plenty of players that made an effort to protect Shaq. However, very few people could truly claim to be able to defend Shaq.

He was a real beast, famously, Kobe Bryant claimed that despite Shaq's stature and aggressiveness, he wasn't afraid of him 

Shaquille, a deputy sheriff for Henry County, is a fervent supporter of the law enforcement community. Shaq thinks that restricting 

O'Neal was hired by the Sheriff's office to be the director of community relations. It is understandable 

Shaq stated in an interview in 2018 that the only way to decrease gun violence is to increase the police force's funding and presence.