Shia LaBeouf converts to Catholicism.

A study in preparation for the film "Padre Pio" leads Shia LaBeouf to convert to Catholicism.

Entertainer Shia LaBeouf said he move completely to Christianity while shooting his forthcoming film 

Heading into the task, LaBeouf said that he was at the haziest point in his life after a progression of public outrages.

"I had a firearm on the table. i used to be outta here," Shia reviewed within the almost hour and a half meeting. 

The entertainer portrayed finding confidence during his exploration off guard, that his mentality going into the film was centered  

Yet, there would are no catalyst on behalf of me to induce in my vehicle, go up [to the monastery] on the off chance  

"Not during a not so great quite way. specified i used to be unable to work out it. i used to be so near it that i used