Snoop Dog reveals he partied with Tom Brady at every Super Bowl win

winning a splendid Bowl is a fantastic reason to party, and no person is aware of that higher than Tom Brady 

The quarterback has triumphed seven times inside the NFL championship sport, and in keeping with rapper Snoop canine, 

he partied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback on every occasion he won. it's far no mystery that Snoop dog is a huge fan of the NFL, 

and on numerous activities, he has declared himself a large fan of the Steelers, even though in the preceding amazing Bowl, 

in which the Rams gained the Vince Lombardi trophy, the rapper supported the present day monarchs.

Snoop canine and his parties with Tom Brady "i was on the celebration. I celebration with absolutely everyone. even though 

i am a Steelers fan, I confirmed up for my Patriots. I showed up on tv, and Mr. Kraft and he 

and that i have been performing. i was striking out, i used to be doing everything I had to do to be a part of the Patriot own family 

and i thank them considering welcoming me. That turned into love," the controversial rapper assured in a tal 

with Sirius XM Radio on a show aired in 2021, after the Bucs gained the identify. three years in the past in 2019,