Sorting the Roster The Roster: Nos. 66-69 - Fighting for Stick

The sixth installment of our annual rankings of the Packers roster, it's an examination of four players 

who are looking for a second opportunity after making a small contribution in 2021.

GREEN BAY, Wis. More than a decade, we've been evaluating each athlete of the Green Bay Packers' roster before the beginning of the training camp.

This isn't merely a summary of the top players. It's more of a non-scientific formula that incorporates skills, salary, 

importantness of position as well as the depth of the position, and, for players who are young draft position. 

Beyond the rankings we would like you to discover a little bit more about each of the 89 players  

who are who will be on the team for the very first training session on the 27th of July.

Part of our series 6 includes four returning players, who all seldom played in the past. In the constant churning at 

the lower rungs of the roster, they'll need to fight to keep their places.