SpaceX requests Starlink customers to help in its wireless war with Dish

SpaceX has sent an email to Starlink customers today , asking for their help in its fight to Dish Network over radio frequencies for its Starlink 

internet-from-space project. A few Starlink customers were sent an email that urged to contact representatives 

of the Federal Communications Commission and members of Congress to help SpaceX in its ongoing battle.

"Today we ask for your support in ending a lobbying campaign that threatens to make Starlink unusable for you 

and the vast majority of our American customers," the email reads boldly.

Presently, SpaceX and Dish are disputing over a number of radio frequencies referred to by the name of 12GHz 

SpaceX makes use of these frequencies to power its vast Starlink network, which is a expanding collection comprising 

more than 2400 satellites that broadcast broadband internet service to people in Earth.  

It's also employed by OneWeb which is another initiative to create an internet-from-space