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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a potent team this season, led by Super Bowl champion Doug Pederson.

The excuses started to flow as soon as the Jags opened up a 14-0 lead in the first half despite the sloppy, rainy conditions.

The Eagles, the only unbeaten team in the NFL this season, found themselves suddenly tied, then in the lead, then winning 29-21.

He was making plays, which was encouraging to see, according to T.J. Edwards, a fellow linebacker.

Doug Pederson received the welcome and respect he deserves upon his return to Philadelphia. 

Mike Sielski compares Nick Sirianni's undefeated Birds to Pederson's Super Bowl-winning Eagles.

The wide receiver made a career-high 27 carries for 134 yards against Jacksonville. 

A Lawrence pass was intercepted by James Bradberry, ending a Jacksonville possession.

The Complete Revelations from Kanye West's Talk with Tucker Carlson.