Sports World Reacts Heartbreaking Brittney Griner News 


By ;ramya

october 17,2022

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 According to reports, details have come to light, bringing us a glimpse into Brittney Griner's life in a Russian jail. It sounds terrible. 

Brittney Griner reportedly spends about 23 hours each day with her inmates inside a cell, spending only one hour per day outside. 

 Brittney Griner shares a small Russian cell with two other prisoners for 23 hours every day, according to a tweet from Legion Hoops

"She shares a cell with two English-speaking inmates who are also being held on drug-related charges at the detention facility

 According to prison regulations, convicts are only permitted to take showers twice a week. 

The structure was formerly an orphanage for children and was transformed into a prison in 2012 and includes 1,248 prisoners

Fans of sports still ask for Griner's safe return. “Still PRAYING For You, FREE Brittney Griner.” 

One supporter wrote, "You're Not Forgotten.” Another supporter commented, "Free BG, this is terrible.” 

 Griner, a star in the WNBA, has been held by Russian authorities since the beginning of the year. She is in jail for drug-related accusations

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