St. Tropez anniversary Ayesha Curry's Ugly Sandals Steph Curry's Sail Dress.

In a polarising shoe trend Ayesha curry trip with her husband.Both were seen leaving club 55 in saint tropez summary 

today they were out celebrating their 11th anniversary in a french coastal town.

Spaghetti Straps with maxi dress green tie dye , blue and white with oceanic scenery in mind  

lengthy piece just below the body to edge breezy ensemble when the wind view flowing layered with a second=d piece of 

cloth to volumize and keep it and the skirt of the dress was long .

Evockinng summertime vibrant and eye-catching colours scheme this is mother of three minimally accessorised with necklace and beaded bracelet 

Making many outfits look lazy or thrown together in the process is almost puffy and awkward.