Steph Curry has no room for debate about his legacy

The Warriors star has enjoyed this final just like the NBA for decades. After leading Golden State to fourth place in eight years - and winning the Idlas MVP finals - Curry silenced even his most furious critics. 

Steve Kerr said, "For me, this is his highest achievement in a remarkable career." Stephen Curry hangs on his back after 40 minutes of lightning flashed and stunned Boston for the fifth time in six games.

He lets longtime friend Klay Thompson take the ball across the timeline and, with history, champagne and tobacco smoke, wait for the clock to go; in the fourth meeting with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy and the long-running preliminary meeting with the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Trophy.

In the final seconds of Game 6, his game Curry - the main source of luck that Steve Kerr has long used as the source of the Warriors dynasty, is clearly in constant improvement - somewhat surprising. . She cried. 

Curry first hugged his father, Dell. He held his head with both hands, as if he couldn't believe something was going to happen. He bent down and finally sat down on the hardwood, stretched so far - a 103:90 victory over the Celtics 

A 4: 2 victory in a row and a victory in the fourth NBA championship in his career - and he dared to realize nga hapit ... 1,100 days later What seems to be the end of the golden age, he and his franchise are enjoying "the three years of luggage we brought from Game 6 of 2019." It will still shine like light; can still rule in sports.

"In these last two months of the playoffs, in the last three years, in these last 48 hours - every part has been an emotional roller coaster ride on and off the floor," Curry said after the match. 

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