Stephen Curry blends with Draymond Green: 2022 title 'definitely the most special' 

NBA legends rarely single out one of their championships over the others, often reaching them to their kids— they're other but each one is special in their own way. 

Draymond Green broke with that tradition and said 2022 is important to him because of how far the Warriors fell after Kevin Durant left and how they had to work to get back to the shelter of the cliff. 

Uttering to Sports Illustrated's Ashley Nicole Moss, Stephen Curry reflected that opinion. 

Curry says he is on the cusp of winning this title 

Maybe he'll feel differently a decade or two from now, but this banner should stand out. 

The 2022 title was not expected to be won by the Warrior

Even going into the playoffs last season, there was a question about this team that "they have the talent, the ability, but can they consistently play the best versions of themselves. 

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