Stephen Curry made a commitment to a single item.

When Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha asked him what he "couldn't live without," the answer wasn't the NBA or his phone.

 Because of Curry, athletes and teams all around the world are now attempting more shots from beyond the arc, regardless of age or geographic location.

 His better half Ayesha Curry and children have since joined in as well. "About The previous evening" is a game show that The Currys have started hosting.

Recently, they welcomed Mario Cantone, Lauren Lapkus, Draymond Green, and their allies. The question of something one couldn't survive without for a month came up during the game.

Stephen Curry, however, has a different outlook. Once Ayesha

 As of late, he moved on from Davidson School. His time in school assisted him with working on his game and furthermore feature his abilities to the world.

As  of late, they welcomed Draymond Green, Lauren Lapkus, Mario Cantone, and their accomplices.

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