Stephen Curry wanted to walk-on at Duke However, the Blue Devils rejected him

Four-time NBA champion. The most prolific shooter of all time. One of the top guards in NBA time.

When Stephen Curry became all of the above, Duke didn't even want to sign him as an outsider.

Stephen's father Dell Curry, confirmed this during his appearance on "The Rex Chapman Show" in the year 2000.  

Rex Chapman and Dell played together in the Charlotte Hornets, and they've been in contact for a number of years.

In their hour-long conversation on the podcast, Rex brought up Stephen's selection and the efforts he made to get him the Duke roster as an undrafted walk-on. 

Then, Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski and associate head coach Johnny Dawkins ultimately turned him down. 

"When Steph was in high school, he was about to go to his final year, and He wanted to attend an ACC school. He was interested in going to Duke, 

Chapman said and Dell was in agreement. "And I was acquainted with Johnny Dawkins a little better than you did back then since 

I was with agent David Falk and Johnny was also with David Falk. I recall you saying that 'Steph would love to visit there but he's not interested! 

Johnny also Coach K won't like that I'm telling you this but what do I know... I called Johnny the other day and told him Dell's son Stephen 

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