Steve Forbes: Inflation ‘Real Cure’ Has Ignored

By Madhupriya   

September 29,2022

According to Steve Forbes, chairman of Forbes Media, governments and central banks have neglected 

the value of maintaining stable currencies in their concentration on rising interest rates to control inflation.

Following last week's declaration by the newly elected U.K. government that it will adopt tax cuts  

and investment incentives to encourage growth, the British pound briefly decreased 4% to an all-time low of $1.0382.

As interest rates in the US continue to rise, currencies are losing ground to the dollar.

Republican candidate for president Forbes stated that the goal was to combat inflation by slowing down the economy,

"Stabilizing the currency is the real cure. To beat inflation, you don't have to poor people.”

Forbes proposed using gold to stabilize currencies, such as by connecting the US dollar to gold to give it a set value.