Steve Kerr says he and Andre Iguodala over and over said they needed to come out on top for the title for Stephen Curry

Steve Kerr severely needed Stephen Curry to come out on top for this title.

The Golden State Warriors finished off the Finals over the Boston Celtics on Thursday, bringing home their fourth title in eight years.

It was an exceptional rebound, as the Warriors missed the postseason the beyond two years in the midst of wounds and program beat. 

Kerr honored Curry's authority and said he needed to win "for" Curry.

"Andre Iguodala and I have been talking the last week and all we could tell each other is, 'We need to do this for Steph.

This is for Steph," Kerr said. "Which is amusing in light of the fact that he's the one doing it for us.

However, we needed it so severely for Steph in light of the fact that as extraordinary as the association has been — proprietorship, front office,

incredible ability on our program, astounding players — Steph is the justification for 10 years. He truly is."

Portraying Curry as a "otherworldly competitor and person," Kerr added: "I've contrasted him with Tim Duncan multiple times.

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