"Stranger Things 4": Eddie Munson Actor Breaks Through That "Insane" Metallica Guitar Solo

The final two episodes of Stranger Things, season 4, may be a bit rushed for certain reasons. However,  

they finally came out on Friday, and with the introduction of the the new protagonist Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) They were definitely worth the wait.

Warning: Spoilers ahead Munson is who is the head of the Hellfire Dungeons & Dragons club -was killed in the final battle by flying  

ferocious "demobats." After his death, he stutters to make sure his companions are able to take on the wicked Vecna, 

Eddie has the greatest hero moment. He climbs onto the Upside Down model of the caravan, and unleashes a solo guitar that will end every guitar solo, attracting all the eyes of demobats.

"It's crazy," Eddie actor Joseph Quinn stated about the scene during the interview for The LA Times, which was published on Sunday. 

"It's doing numerous things. I believe it's the sole way in which could happen, and not appear like a re-mix. It doesn't feel forced."

Quinn said, "And hilariously, it does not feel as melodramatic. It's just right. It's more important it's enjoyable 

The energy is there through the entire sequence that brings all these stories together. The crescendo was so innovative and entertaining."