Stranger Things has been removed from Netflix's Top 10 list with a new show

Well, it finally happened and another moloch is needed to start the Stranger Things season

4 out of # 1 in the top 10 list of Netflix after almost a month of planting there.

planting there. This is season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, a hugely successful superhero series 

outside Marvel or DC on Netflix about a special group of siblings who face the paradoxes of time travel when they return

the season will be broadcast along with the last two episodes, which will undoubtedly move it to # 1 in the season as well

 The series is slowly following the Squid Game squid record

Leo told me, 'Baz will persistently keep you unstable, and it will pull things out of you [that] you never acknowledged you had inside you,'" Butler tells EW. "That is the very experience that I had."