Stranger Things plays Millie Bobby Brown in Young Eleven and If She Did Upside Down

In Season 4 of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has a unique opportunity to see the role she has played since she was almost 11 when she joined another woman to play a younger version of the character.  

Extended flashback sequences introduced in 1979 - four years before the series' first series of events - depict Eleven's time as a captive child at Hawkins Lab with Dr. Martin Brenner

As 18-year-old Brown explains in Variety, he worked closely with Blair on stage to help him capture how Eleven was doing and how he reacted. "I thought, 'I'll keep what I've been through and we can do it together,' he said.

Brown also talked about how to operate the saltwater tank Eleven used to access her repressed childhood memories, why he relied on "Stranger Things" creator Matt and Ross Duffer 

what he thought had happened in the last scene. St. Season 1 - as a young Eleven One (Jamie Campbell Bower) he is sent to Upside Down, where he begins to transform Vecna.  

This process is very unique to me. I really had to sit down with the Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy to understand what was going on, who was playing something, and how it would work 

When we talk about it, it makes sense that I would play my youngest myself, and every time he sees his reflection or remembers a memory, his [real] is the youngest. We brought this wonderful baby to play with me, Martie Blair.

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