Sutton Stracke was deemed a "motherf-ker" by Lisa Rinna

Sutton Stracke is hammered by Lisa Rinna for referring to Diana Jenkins as "callous" and "a motherf-ker."

Jenkins, 49, neglected to inform Stracke, 50, that her illness prevents her from attending a lunch meeting organized by the owner of Sutton Concept.

"You understand what I call that? Impolite," Garcelle Beauvais says at the table. "Let your leader know that you're not coming to her party is discourteous not."

According to Stracke, who has been feuding with Jenkins throughout the season, Jenkins' "detached forceful way of behaving" is not productive.

"Goodness, all things considered, that is someone acting over the top hypocritical, isn't it?" Rinna, 58, tolls in.

Yet, when Stracke demands she is "never detached forceful," Rinna raises a warmed discussion Stracke and Jenkins had a couple of days earlier.

"You can't say you're not aloof forceful. Did you consider Diana a motherf-ker and cruel?" Rinna applauds back before the scene removes.

A recent apology by Rinna for "seething" at individuals out of sorrow, she was referring to Stracke and Jenkins attempting to resolve their differences at Beauvais' birthday