‘taboo to publicly talk about breasts' 

By ;ramya

october 21,2022


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Unapologetically is a Yahoo Life series where people can express how they live their best lives—out loud and in color 

Hurley, 57, tells Yahoo Life that the purpose of posting a variety of bikini images on her Instagram account 

"she claims. "When I'm doing something, I feel completely at ease. that made me uncomfortable, I wouldn't." 

 if there's a trend to do something on TikTok or Instagram that appears to be popular but actually makes you uncomfortable

Additionally, while remaining adaptable to new situations and ideas, be firm when you believe strongly in something." 

Today I must have heard about ten different people's personal stories with breast cancer, whether it was their sister, mother, or themselves. 

her work with Estée Lauder is only a small part of her aim to encourage women and individuals all around the world 

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