Taylor Swift is swearing even more in her music these days, and admirers have a theory about Midnights.

By kumari

September 29,2022

Taylor Swift is constantly coming up with fresh approaches that keep her admirers guessing.  

 In the past, she has released a new album with little to no notice.

 That she is particularly fond of using cryptic easter eggs which keep her most committed.

 Her fans are on the lookout for clues concerning the "August" singer's artistic production. 

 She discovered an innovative method for releasing her tracklisting for her forthcoming album, Midnights.

1one and the name in particular put fans together into a spiral, leading to a fresh theory about just the forthcoming album.

Every night at midnight, the pop musician began posting TikTok videos.

in which she uses a bingo cage to select track numbers before unveiling the accompanying original songs via a vintage phone.  

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