Teammate of Jalen Brunson at Villanova

– Ryan Arcidiacono, a teammate at Villanova who is signed by the Knicks. – In his first Knicks training camp, Jalen Brunson will run into a familiar face.

Ryan Arcidiacono, a former teammate of his in the backcourt at Villanova, was re-signed by the Knicks on Saturday 

– Part of the agreement is guaranteed. Arcidiacono, who played with the Bulls for the first four years.

– Of his NBA career, averaged 1.6 points in 7.6 minutes per game for the Knicks last season in 10 games.

– Together, Brunson and Arcidiacono assisted Villanova in capturing the 2016 national title.

– In the wake of roster changes brought by COVID-19 cases, Arcidiacono was given a series.

– Of short contracts and played 10 games with the Knicks last season. He was finally signed by the Knicks on a permanent basis in February.