Tesco chocolate bar with 'Do not eat' warning. 

By kumari

September 30-22

Happi Free From is reviewing its Oat Milk chocolate Bars, provided to the store monster, since it contains milk which isn't referenced on the label. 

The mistake implies that chocolate is a potential well-being hazard to anybody with a sensitivity or narrow-mindedness to milk or milk constituents. 

The review influences the Plain Milk bars with a best before the date of October 2023, and the Salted Caramel bars with a best before the date of October 2023.

The Food Norms Organization (FSA) gave a 'don't eat cautioning to anybody with milk bigotry or allergy. 

A representative said: "Happi Free From is reviewing the above item from clients. The organization has given a retail location notice to its customers 

"If you have purchased the above item and have a sensitivity or bigotry to milk or milk constituents don't eat it. 

Sometimes food sources must be removed or reviewed in the event that there is a gamble to buyers in light of the fact.

that the sensitivity marking is absent or wrong or on the other hand assuming there is some other food sensitivity risk. 

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