Tesla vehicles have been recalled in Germany due to a 'software glitch'

Elon Musk's Tesla, which is owned by Elon Musk, has been involved in many recalls this year.

On Sunday, German regulators recalled 59,000 Teslas due to reports of a "software glitch".

Reuters reports that the recall affects Tesla Models Y and 3, but it is unclear what percentage are listed in Germany. 

The road traffic authority of Germany states that the issue affects the ability of the vehicle to communicate with emergency personnel in the event of a serious accident.

During the past year, Tesla has faced a flurry of tech problems. In April, Musk's company recalled more than 700,000 cars, many of them multiple times.

The green energy firm is not the only car maker hit by large recalls.ed the recall of the number of350,000 cars at the beginning of May.

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even when the vehicle is in a garage and not in use," Ford wrote in a press release as of at the time. 

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