That Was Before the Slap ,Apple Shot an Oscar Competitor Featuring Will Smith

Early this year,The Civil War drama “Emancipation” completed its filming.Now, Apple faces a quandary on what to do with the movie. 

After slapping Chris Rock onstage at this year’s awards.Will Smith was barred from the Academy Awards ceremony for the next decade. 

Mr. Smith, who also won best actor that night, has since in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Surrendered his membership. 

Will Smith has been banned  from attending any Academy related events and also in the Oscar telecast. 

Presently Apple finds itself left with a $120 million unreleased awards style film highlighting a star no longer welcome at the greatest award show. 

By the end of the year Apple wants to release “Emancipation” and has been discussing inside to make it eligible for awards consideration. 

The film  “Emancipation” release would be pushed into 2023. 

Audiences  could be turned off by Mr. Smith's presence, maybe taking some  gloss off the well polished Apple brand.