The Biden administration is being sued by environmental groups over drilling lease sales and their impact on the climate and wildlife

An environmental group has filed a lawsuit against the state of Wyoming to prevent the sale of one of the largest onshore oil and gas leases under President Joe Biden's administration.

It's the second lawsuit challenging the administration's drilling plans in a week.

The lawsuit comes as the Biden administration struggles with high gas prices and political attacks from Republicans and Sen.

Senator Joe Manchin, a key Democratic vote on Capitol Hill who has criticized Biden's energy and climate policies.

Earthjustice on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management and Department of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on behalf of the Wilderness Society and Friends of the Earth.

CN shared the complaint first with N.

These groups claim the federal government, in putting the Wyoming parcels up for bid, failed to address the environmental impacts to groundwater and wildlife -- including the threatened  

sage-grouse, pronghorn and mule deer -- as well as the climate impacts associated with pumping more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

About 120,000 acres of the 130,000 acres of federal land being offered to oil and gas companies are in Wyoming. This is why the groups are focusing on Wyoming.