The BKFC's Greg Hardy looks forward to UFC return after having learned the basics of wrestling'

Greg Hardy hasn't abandoned any of UFC goals.

Hardy quit UFC in 2021. UFC at the end of 2021 after he had fought out his contract.  

He then made his pro debut in boxing in October. He also signed the agreement in the BKFC. BKFC.

The former NFL player's UFC exit was peaceful in addition, Hardy (7-5 MMA, 4-5 UFC) hopes that when he's improved his techniques, he'll be able to create another octagon fight.

"The greatest organization I've been a part of in no way second only with the NFL," Hardy said in an interview with Chris Van Vliet.  

"They called me up because my contract was in the process of expiring, so we knew it was due to expire.  

They called me up and I was told if you are able to get some wrestling in a different promotion We'd love to renew your contract. I love you, and we thank you.'

"And I wrote them my appreciation and love. I then looked for a venue to throw these hands , and came across the BFKC. 

It was actually a great way to end the evening and I'm looking at returning in the future and performing the show for you  

and possibly body slamming someone for three times when I get my wrestling skills up and running."