The Boston Celtics are trying to sell TD Garden before match 6

Tickets for the NBA Finals have been extremely expensive since the match between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. 

There were no good tickets under $ 1,000 for the first few games in the series, and even the cheapest seats cost more than $ 500.

Many tickets to the Western Conference finals are extremely expensive, suggesting that demand for play-off basketball will lead to an inevitable price increase.  

However, things seemed to change before our eyes in the sixth game in Boston. The Warriors are just one victory since lifting Larry O'Brien's trophy in the presence of 17 championship banners hanging on TD Garden beams.  

This momentum in the series in favor of the Warriors caused the tickets to lose more than half their value, dropping from $ 1,400 to $ 600 today.

It's a little shocking to see it, because the final is the final. But it makes sense. It's a sad way to spend more than $ 1,000 to watch your team lose at home and see your opponent win the championship on your field. 

Although the Celtics will achieve a dominant victory in Game 6, Chase Center awards are likely to rise even more in Game 7. The last match of the season with all the balls in a row is an exciting idea.

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