Tesla, Apple, Meta, Bitcoin, and an Investor Darling are all down 70% this week.

 The markets finished the week down for the 4th time in just five weeks. 

This week, the S&P 500 fell by 5.15%, the Dow Industrials fell by 4.16%, and the Nasdaq Composite fell by 5.97%.

 Inflation increased by 8.3% year over year in August.

 According to the CPI report released on Tuesday, which sparked the declining trend. 

 The Federal Reserve is expected to announce a rate increase the week after next.

 And investors are currently preparing. 

The Input is widely anticipated to increase pricing by an additional 75 percentage points.

Many of the stocks that are most well-known.

Investors are still the subject of Benzinga's analysis of their prospects for the future.

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