'RHOBH' Star Lisa Rinna Banged By Cancer Institute Over Final Comment

Lisa Rinna hits back at 'RHOBH' finale remark

Lisa Rinna is accepting whine for some polemical remarks she made on the "RHOBH" finale; her viewpoint on cancer has cancer researchers fuming. 

The problem is that during the finale, Lisa justified disclosing details Kathy Hilton had passed her by saying she would "get sick and develop cancer" if she didn't.

The American Institute for Cancer Research was not happy with Lisa's flip comment, saying she "justifies the threat of cancer as emotional blackmail to express her pain."

Putting the morality of the words aside, Lisa is completely wrong about how cancer enters the body. They say there is little evidence to support the theory that stress causes cancer.

Additionally, the AICR notes that Lisa's head is "clearly not based on good study" on how cancer develops.

Final decision for cancer researchers... In order to justify making drama, Lisa "has adopted a famous(but probably erroneous) notion" and spread it to the people.

After the previous season, just another group hung against Lisa.

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