The director of Carmen, takes a fresh approach

Director Benjamin Millepied Changes the course of "Carmen": "It's A Complete Reimagining" Canadian Studio. 

– Many different versions of Georges Bizet's opera Carmen have been adapted for the screen.

– The including Carlos Saura's flamenco extravaganza and the late Jean-Luc Godard's existential thriller.

– Benjamin Millepied's reworking may be the best novel.When he came to Deadline's TIFF Studio.

– He stated, "It's about a woman who's running for her life, from Mexico to the U.S. "And as she crosses the border. 

– She comes upon a border patrol and a PTSD-stricken Marine. They end up leaving together for Los Angeles.

– when everything goes wrong at that precise moment. Therefore, it is a film about freedom, love, and death.