The fate of Eddie Munson is explained by 'Stranger Things' star Joseph Quinn 

The newest character on Netflix's sci-fi/fantasy series "Stranger Things" appeared in Season 4 when Eddie Munson jumped on a table in the Hawkins High cafeteria and declared forced conformity was "the real monster!” 

Game Day Ready

In those days, it was clear that Munson, played by Joseph Quinn, was different from the other AV club nerds we've grown to love since the series debuted six years ago.

Guest of Honor

In addition to being an avid heavy metal fan, the intense leader of the Dungeons & Dragons-obsessed "Hellfire Club" also has long hair.

Say It Loud, Say It Proud!

It's hard to remember how many times he repeated 12th grade.

Batter Up

Among the most popular Halloween costumes of 2022 is sure to be his Slayer-meets-"Wayne's World" style.

Back on Stage

It completely charmed me, like everyone else.

Tom Says "Hello"

Being asked to take part in it was a very surreal experience.

Musical Duo

I believe that every actor has received an email that seems impossible and out of reach. 

Celeb Night Out

It seems impossible. .

London Look