A Gray Hooded Trio's Identities Will Be Revealed In Season 1 Of Rings Of Power. 

By Asha

September 28,2022

The Master of the Rings: The Rings of Force season 1 will uncover the characters of the dark hooded triplet. 

In any case, Rings of Force gives no lack of secrets as characters like the More bizarre, who has been lovingly named Meteor Man. 

Rings of Force episode 5 presents significantly more secret characters - a triplet of people in white robes known as the Occupant, the Traveler, and the Ascetic.  

. During a selective meeting with Screen Tirade, Wanye Che Howl examined the show's as of late presented secret characters. 

The Tenant, the Wanderer, and the Parsimonious were made exclusively for The Rings of Force and hence, are non-canonical. 

However, there are hints in Tolkien's source material concerning who the three secret characters may be, which Howl teases.  

Popular speculations recommend they were sent by Sauron from the Clique of Melkor or the Blue Wizards from Rhûn to find The Stranger.  

The identities of the Gray Hooded Trio will be revealed.