The Jets are continuing to start Joe Flacco as quarterback against the Browns on Sunday, despite the protests of their supporters.

Last Sunday's game against the Ravens ended in a 24-9 loss for Flacco, who is standing in for the injured Zach Wilson. 

On social media and talk radio this week, there have been requests to start Mike White, the backup quarterback who was shouted at by the crowd during the game.

Both the good and the bad are celebrated for him. We as a team could have done a lot of things to assist him during the game.  

We'll try it again, and I believe Joe will perform much better this time.In the defeat, Flacco threw a remarkable 59 passes, finishing 37 of them for 307 yards, one touchdown, and one interception 

For the majority of the day, Flacco was under attack. He received 11 hits overall and three sacks.  

 Additionally, his receivers dropped the pass and missed countless opportunities to catch it.

first time since suffering a knee injury during the first preseason game against Philadelphia. 

 Wilson didn't take part in any team drills, but he did quarterback drills and threw to receivers without any defence in the way. Wilson might make a comeback in Week 4 against the Steelers.

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