The Most Beautiful Bathing Suit is Kendall Jenner's

Kendall Jenner is a model and entrepreneur.She's walked in fashion shows for major labels.

Jenner flaunts her body.Her provocative Instagram account features new private photos.

Jenner posed in them, sporting a cowboy hat and a tropical print bikini.It's captioned Humuhumunukunukuapua'a.

Kendall Jenner's photos show 5 ways she stays in shape.Beach-ready? Check out these 30 best-ever celebrity bathing suit photos.

Jenner treats her skin well.She recommends face washing.Always.

She told Byrdie, "I'm OCD about cleansing my face."Not even modelling.

Now that I use makeup constantly, it's better.I wash my face twice or thrice daily.

WhoWhatWear got Jenner's favourite beauty products."One is sunscreen. Sun Bum is my favourite body sunscreen.body, face

Jenner says moisturising her skin is important.She mentioned her favourite moisturisers.

"Everyone dislikes dry skin.I hate thirst.If I have a patch, I'll use Aquaphor.If necessary, use drastic measures.

Jenner keeps her body toned.Harper's Bazaar published her workout suggestions. She says,

"I tone my abs with Gunnar Peterson.""I take kickboxing classes occasionally." Gunnar Peterson, Jenner's trainer, gave Us Weekly training advice.