The Nets' offer to the Timberwolves underscores how difficult it will be to move Kevin Durant.

Perhaps Kevin Durant will stay in Brooklyn after all if the Nets' recent trade proposal suggests the necessary deal.

The Timberwolves, according to Vince Goodwill on the "Posting Up" podcast, approached the Nets about dealing Kevin Durant, the unhappy 12-time All-Star, before acquiring All-NBA centre Rudy Gobert in a blockbuster transaction.

There was a price: Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Edwards, and four first-round draught selections from Brooklyn in their counteroffer.

Not wanting to give up their two young talents, the Timberwolves made repeated inquiries, but no deal was struck despite Minnesota's reluctance.

"proven All-Stars plus a mound of picks" was the Nets' asking price, according to The Athletic.

The Timberwolves traded four first-round picks and five other players to get Gobert, a player who was widely regarded as a future superstar in the NBA. 

But their negotiations with the Nets over Durant give an indication of how difficult it will be for Brooklyn to find a willing partner to meet its sky-high expectations.

If a team does not reach Brooklyn's asking price for Kevin Durant, the Nets are fine with waiting for the right offer. In fact, the Nets have considered the possibility of keeping Durant until the start of the upcoming season.