International Space Station. As per usual, there was a brief welcoming ceremony, during which the newcomers gave moving speeches 


otober 16,2022



American SpaceX capsule that had been launched into orbit from Florida. Prior to employing SpaceX to visit the International Space Station in 2020, NASA

The ISS is a shared space that the two must cooperate in order to preserve because Russia is in charge of keeping the station's orbital integrity

.Russia does not have a rover on the far side of the moon like China has or orbiters orbiting Mars like India and the United Arab

the other being the Soviet Union's victory in World War II—that "enjoys wide popular support among Russian

James Clay Moltz, a professor of national-security issues at the Naval Postgraduate School in California

Russia's likely demise as a space power, and a once-dominant player who could have advanced cosmic exploration would be left behind. 

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