In the year 2050, there will be one out of every ten people on Mars, including me, Elon Musk, c.e.o. at Tesla. 

Nearly forty years,the human body has not substantially updated the human body as we know it. 

The new Tesla Body will revolutionize, streamline, and vastly modernize. 

They will cost five hundred and ninety-five dollars per pole.

In the year 2045 ,we are looking at making Scottsdale, Arizona, ready to be walked by Baryshnikovs 

 There will be optional ski poles available to buy for your Body.

You can watch Rick and Morty all day, every day, in your Tesla Body for five hundred and ninety-five dollars. 

An Hulu subscription for "Rick and Morty" episodes costs three thousand and ninety-nine. 

With Tesla Body, you can either have a vagina and ovaries or a cup holder for your favorite South African soda, Iron Brew.