The video of a Louisiana man rescuing 13 abandoned kittens is sweeping social media.

A man who said he protected 13 felines from the "side of the road" has transformed into a web sensation with a movement of Facebook posts he made about the experience which were then reuploaded to TikTok, getting them countless points of view.

Robert Brantley is a specialist rifle shooter arranged in Louisiana, according to his Facebook account and a profile of him on an exactness rifle title site.  

On June 8, he posted a video on Facebook that showed a couple of little felines walking around inside his vehicle.

He said he was getting back from a shooting range when he was "caught" by the little felines, adding, "Managing getting them every one of the a good home! 

The youngsters are esteeming on them in the interim and we're finishing them up!"

Brantley continued to post revives about the felines on Facebook all through the accompanying several days, saying that he has been dealing with and cleaning them, including one post, "There are starving animals everywhere. We truly see them regularly."

In a Facebook post from June 13, he communicated that after his posts became popular on the web, people started contacting him and mentioning that he find new homes for various animals they had found