The vintage watch Kevin Hart wears has bizarre ties to a 17th century pope

For his birthday this year, A+ locater Kevin Hart celebrated with a phenomenally amazing watch for explicit exceptional mechanics.  

Grant me to train you concerning another person who required an exceptionally extraordinary watch for explicit striking mechanics 

Meet Pope Alexander VII, the most noteworthy mark of the Catholic church from 1655 to 1667. 

Rapidly in his residency, His Holiness couldn't stand the tickers in his new house (the Vatican). 

He obviously couldn't rest thinking about the ceaseless ticking — and, to finish everything off,  

while laying conscious in absence of lucidity he was unable to endeavor to look at the time on the clock committed for his insomnia 

The Pope's associate Cardinal Barberini charged the clock-creation Campani family to make a reaction.

The Campanis were talented. They made a clock with a twisted window right under a development of Roman numerals meaning each quarter hour.